First Gradution day address - 2014 Aksheyaa College of Engineering, Kancheepuram
Prof. H. Devaraj
Vice - Chairman
University Grants Commission, New Delhi
                   It is my pleasure and privilege to address this august gathering on the auspicious occasion of the First Graduation Day of Aksheyaa College of Engineering, Kancheepuram, affiliated to Anna University. I deem it a great pleasure and honour to join this dedicated team of staff members and students on this happy occasion.
                  It is my pleasure and privilege to address this august gathering on the auspicious occasion of the First Graduation Day of Aksheyaa College of Engineering, Kancheepuram, affiliated to Anna University. I deem it a great pleasure and honour to join this dedicated team of staff members and students on this happy occasion.
                 Dear students, today marks a significant milestone in your life’s journey. By your hard work and by dedication to maintain high standards, you earned your degrees. A special word of appreciation to those who have been recognized as award winners. It is a moment of great pride for you as much as it is for your teachers, parents and those who had any part in shaping your life so far.

                  This achievement would not have been possible without their support and guidance. Some of you may have had to overcome many obstacles to become the first engineering graduate of your family.

                   I salute these young students for this amazing accomplishment. At the same time, I also congratulate all the dedicated teachers for their immense contribution in shaping these young minds and making the learning process meaningful for the students to attain perfection in the engineering field.

                  Dear students, do you remember the day you stepped into this College for your engineering studies? You had a specific goal in your mind and today you have achieved it. You have come to the end of an academic chapter and you would be looking forward to the beginning of the next chapter in your lives. It is inevitable that you will face exciting new challenges in the years ahead. While you are seated here you may be having one big question in your mind – What next? Some of you would have decided your path ahead.

 You are either ready to take up a career in engineering or to pursue higher studies for achieving further academic excellence in this field. The active placement cell of your College would have found a suitable job for some of you. Those of you who have not found a placement, do not despair. There are countless opportunities before you. Remember, this is not the end of your journey with respect to learning, it is actually the beginning. “The only way to obtain perfection in any field is constant learning and practice.”

Dear students, you can recall that your mission for higher learning began here with great passion. But know for sure that it will not end here. It will not end until you feel fully confident of meeting uncertainties and challenges of life, dealing with successes and failures with a positive attitude and right mind.

Dear students, in this era of intense global competition you need to acquire the latest cutting edge knowledge in a particular field. You may have focused upon one particular area for your degree. You, now have the freedom to move further in the same direction or move in another direction. It is important to acquire special skills that can improve your job prospects sooner or later.
A problem of primary importance facing the country today is how the traditional system may be transformed into the national system of education. The education system in India has a strong European basis. This can be changed by preserving and fusing our ancient culture with key concepts of the new social order we are pledged to bring into being. The modern citizen, therefore, must have an international outlook. Barriers of distance have disappeared. 3G, 4G and 5G are controlling the communication of modern life. So, higher education must offer adequate and appropriate response to the needs of the new age.
India launched a massive programme for planned development after it became independent. Apart from shortage of material resources, there was acute shortage of technicians and graduate engineers as well in the country. To overcome this problem, an enterprising programme of expansion of technical education was undertaken. Significant development during Second Five Year Plan was the establishment of 5 IITs through an act of Parliament and declaring them to be institutions of national importance. It was imperative for engineering education to change its orientation and adapt to the rapid changes taking place. Continual changes became a standard feature of engineering curricula. A change in emphasis from engineering practice to engineering science gradually set in. The number of graduates passing out of technical colleges increased to over 7 lakhs in 2011. However, according to one study, 75% of technical graduates and more than 85% of general graduates are unemployable by India’s most demanding and high-growth global industries, including information technology. Nevertheless, that still means that India offers the largest pool of technically skilled graduates in the world.

During the last few decades, our country has made significant progress in the growth of Agriculture, Industry Infrastructure, Information Technology, R&D and Knowledge Wealth. Today, Indian industry is not only growing in size but also in its level of operation. Excellence of Indian professionals in different fields is to be well imprinted on wide canvas of the globe. This process is already on. One can see that in more recent times, outsourcing of R&D talent in India by global industries has been significant. Still, there is immense potential for India to transform herself into a global R&D platform. It is imperative at this juncture that frontier areas of technology like Nano-technology, Bio-technology and Bio-engineering are pursued aggressively in Colleges and Universities, for which we need to redefine our education system Friends, if you are prepared to think big and act in time with conviction, you will be rewarded. You should hold on to your goals even if you stumble here and there, and learn your lessons. You are the stewards of this nation and custodian of a very rich tradition of antiquity with modernization. As we march towards becoming a developed nation, your role as that of 540 million youth of the country, becomes increasingly important. One of the hurdles which often work as a speed breaker is our mental block to think and consider higher targets and goals to be impossible.

Today, the world has changed and knowledge is multiplying at a rapid pace. So, even if you enter the world of work, you will still need to continue to learn, unlearn and re-learn many different things during the course of your life. The most obvious lesson is that learning never stops in life. You will obviously go ahead in your chosen fields of endeavour. But at the same time, you are young and may face multiple career choices in the ever-changing global economy. Usually, people say that talent determines success in life. While talent may contribute to success, it is actually hard work that makes the difference between success and failure.

Once again, I congratulate the graduates, leaving this place with degrees in their hands, with much to celebrate on their fine achievements. The future is what you make of it. Much is expected of you. The College has given you a firm foundation for lifelong success, so make this College proud by your strong, innovative and excellent contributions. You will cherish memories of your time here and this day you will fondly remember as one of great accomplishment, fulfillment and pride for the rest of your lives. I wish you all the best for your career. Good luck to all of you, and congratulations.

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